Linux Kernel Configuration
└─> General architecture-dependent options

Modern versions of GCC (since 4.4) have builtin functions
for handling byte-swapping. Using these, instead of the old
inline assembler that the architecture code provides in the
__arch_bswapXX() macros, allows the compiler to see what's
happening and offers more opportunity for optimisation. In
particular, the compiler will be able to combine the byteswap
with a nearby load or store and use load-and-swap or
store-and-swap instructions if the architecture has them. It
should almost *never* result in code which is worse than the
hand-coded assembler in <asm/swab.h>. But just in case it
does, the use of the builtins is optional.

Any architecture with load-and-swap or store-and-swap
instructions should set this. And it shouldn't hurt to set it
on architectures that don't have such instructions.