CAIF support

modulename: caif.ko



configname: CONFIG_CAIF

Linux Kernel Configuration
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└─>CAIF support
In linux kernel since version 2.6.35 (release Date: 2010-08-01)  
The "Communication CPU to Application CPU Interface" (CAIF) is a packet
based connection-oriented MUX protocol developed by ST-Ericsson for use
with its modems. It is accessed from user space as sockets (PF_CAIF).

Say Y (or M) here if you build for a phone product (e.g. Android or
MeeGo) that uses CAIF as transport. If unsure say N.

If you select to build it as module then CAIF_NETDEV also needs to be
built as a module. You will also need to say Y (or M) to any CAIF
physical devices that your platform requires.

See Documentation/networking/caif for a further explanation on how to
use and configure CAIF.

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