CAN bus subsystem support

modulename: can.ko

configname: CONFIG_CAN

Linux Kernel Configuration
└─>Networking support
└─>CAN bus subsystem support
In linux kernel since version 2.6.25 (release Date: 2008-04-16)  
Controller Area Network (CAN) is a slow (up to 1Mbit/s) serial
communications protocol. Development of the CAN bus started in
1983 at Robert Bosch GmbH, and the protocol was officially
released in 1986. The CAN bus was originally mainly for automotive,
but is now widely used in marine (NMEA2000), industrial, and medical
applications. More information on the CAN network protocol family
PF_CAN is contained in <Documentation/networking/can.rst>.

If you want CAN support you should say Y here and also to the
specific driver for your controller(s) below.

source code: