Dell Systems Management Base Driver

modulename: dcdbas.ko

configname: CONFIG_DCDBAS

Linux Kernel Configuration
└─>Device Drivers
└─>X86 Platform Specific Device Drivers
└─>Dell X86 Platform Specific Device Drivers
└─>Dell Systems Management Base Driver
In linux kernel since version 3.10 (release Date: 2013-06-30)  
The Dell Systems Management Base Driver provides a sysfs interface
for systems management software to perform System Management
Interrupts (SMIs) and Host Control Actions (system power cycle or
power off after OS shutdown) on certain Dell systems.

See <file:Documentation/driver-api/dcdbas.rst> for more details on the driver
and the Dell systems on which Dell systems management software makes
use of this driver.

Say Y or M here to enable the driver for use by Dell systems
management software such as Dell OpenManage.

source code: