Arc Monochrome LCD board support

modulename: arcfb.ko
configname: CONFIG_FB_ARC

Linux Kernel Configuration
└─> Device Drivers
└─> Graphics support
└─> Frame buffer Devices
└─> Support for frame buffer devices
└─> Arc Monochrome LCD board support

This enables support for the Arc Monochrome LCD board. The board
is based on the KS-108 lcd controller and is typically a matrix
of 2*n chips. This driver was tested with a 128x64 panel. This
driver supports it for use with x86 SBCs through a 16 bit GPIO
interface (8 bit data, 8 bit control). If you anticipate using
this driver, say Y or M; otherwise say N. You must specify the
GPIO IO address to be used for setting control and data.

source code: