TGA/SFB+ framebuffer support

modulename: tgafb.ko
configname: CONFIG_FB_TGA

Linux Kernel Configuration
└─> Device Drivers
└─> Graphics support
└─> Frame buffer Devices
└─> Support for frame buffer devices
└─> TGA/SFB+ framebuffer support

This is the frame buffer device driver for generic TGA and SFB+
graphic cards. These include DEC ZLXp-E1, -E2 and -E3 PCI cards,
also known as PBXGA-A, -B and -C, and DEC ZLX-E1, -E2 and -E3
TURBOchannel cards, also known as PMAGD-A, -B and -C.

Due to hardware limitations ZLX-E2 and E3 cards are not supported
for DECstation 5000/200 systems. Additionally due to firmware
limitations these cards may cause troubles with booting DECstation
5000/240 and /260 systems, but are fully supported under Linux if
you manage to get it going. ;-)

Say Y if you have one of those.

source code: