Intel MIC X100 DMA Driver

modulename: mic_x100_dma.ko
configname: CONFIG_INTEL_MIC_X100_DMA

Linux Kernel Configuration
└─> Device Drivers
└─> DMA Engine support
└─> Intel MIC X100 DMA Driver

This enables DMA support for the Intel Many Integrated Core
(MIC) family of PCIe form factor coprocessor X100 devices that
run a 64 bit Linux OS. This driver will be used by both MIC
host and card drivers.

If you are building host kernel with a MIC device or a card
kernel for a MIC device, then say M (recommended) or Y, else
say N. If unsure say N.

More information about the Intel MIC family as well as the Linux
OS and tools for MIC to use with this driver are available from

source code: