Generic IEEE 802.15.4 Soft Networking Stack (mac802154)

modulename: mac802154.ko

configname: CONFIG_MAC802154

Linux Kernel Configuration
└─>Networking support
└─>Networking options
└─>IEEE Std 802.15.4 Low-Rate Wireless Personal Area Networks support
└─>Generic IEEE 802.15.4 Soft Networking Stack (mac802154)
In linux kernel since version 3.1 (release Date: 2011-10-24)  
This option enables the hardware independent IEEE 802.15.4
networking stack for SoftMAC devices (the ones implementing
only PHY level of IEEE 802.15.4 standard).

Note: this implementation is neither certified, nor feature
complete! Compatibility with other implementations hasn't
been tested yet!

If you plan to use HardMAC IEEE 802.15.4 devices, you can
say N here. Alternatively you can say M to compile it as

source code: