Autoselect ancillary drivers (tuners, sensors, i2c, frontends)


Linux Kernel Configuration
└─>Device Drivers
└─>Multimedia support
└─>Autoselect ancillary drivers (tuners, sensors, i2c, frontends)
In linux kernel since version 3.1 (release Date: 2011-10-24)  
By default, a media driver auto-selects all possible ancillary
devices such as tuners, sensors, video encoders/decoders and
frontends, that are used by any of the supported devices.

This is generally the right thing to do, except when there
are strict constraints with regards to the kernel size,
like on embedded systems.

Use this option with care, as deselecting ancillary drivers which
are, in fact, necessary will result in the lack of the needed
functionality for your device (it may not tune or may not have
the needed demodulators).

If unsure say Y.