Support for DiskOnChip G4

modulename: docg4.ko

Linux Kernel Configuration
└─> Device Drivers
└─> Memory Technology Device (MTD) support
└─> Raw/Parallel NAND Device Support
└─> Support for DiskOnChip G4

Support for diskonchip G4 nand flash, found in various smartphones and
PDAs, among them the Palm Treo680, HTC Prophet and Wizard, Toshiba
Portege G900, Asus P526, and O2 XDA Zinc.

With this driver you will be able to use UBI and create a ubifs on the
device, so you may wish to consider enabling UBI and UBIFS as well.

These devices ship with the Mys/Sandisk SAFTL formatting, for which
there is currently no mtd parser, so you may want to use command line
partitioning to segregate write-protected blocks. On the Treo680, the
first five erase blocks (256KiB each) are write-protected, followed
by the block containing the saftl partition table. This is probably

source code: