NXP SJA1105 Ethernet switch family support

modulename: sja1105.ko
configname: CONFIG_NET_DSA_SJA1105

Linux Kernel Configuration
└─> Device Drivers
└─> Network device support
└─> Distributed Switch Architecture drivers
└─> NXP SJA1105 Ethernet switch family support

This is the driver for the NXP SJA1105 automotive Ethernet switch
family. These are 5-port devices and are managed over an SPI
interface. Probing is handled based on OF bindings and so is the
linkage to PHYLINK. The driver supports the following revisions:
- SJA1105E (Gen. 1, No TT-Ethernet)
- SJA1105T (Gen. 1, TT-Ethernet)
- SJA1105P (Gen. 2, No SGMII, No TT-Ethernet)
- SJA1105Q (Gen. 2, No SGMII, TT-Ethernet)
- SJA1105R (Gen. 2, SGMII, No TT-Ethernet)
- SJA1105S (Gen. 2, SGMII, TT-Ethernet)

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