Qualcomm RPM-Hardened (RPMH) Communication

modulename: qcom_rpmh.ko

configname: CONFIG_QCOM_RPMH

Linux Kernel Configuration
└─>Device Drivers
└─>SOC (System On Chip) specific Drivers
└─>Qualcomm SoC drivers
└─>Qualcomm RPM-Hardened (RPMH) Communication
In linux kernel since version 3.10 (release Date: 2013-06-30)  
Support for communication with the hardened-RPM blocks in
Qualcomm Technologies Inc (QTI) SoCs. RPMH communication uses an
internal bus to transmit state requests for shared resources. A set
of hardware components aggregate requests for these resources and
help apply the aggregated state on the resource.

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