SMC 91C9x/91C1xxx support

modulename: smc91x.ko
configname: CONFIG_SMC91X

Linux Kernel Configuration
└─> Device Drivers
└─> Network device support
└─> Ethernet driver support
└─> Device Tree and Open Firmware support
└─> SMC 91C9x/91C1xxx support

This is a driver for SMC's 91x series of Ethernet chipsets,
including the SMC91C94 and the SMC91C111. Say Y if you want it
compiled into the kernel, and read the file

This driver is also available as a module ( = code which can be
inserted in and removed from the running kernel whenever you want).
The module will be called smc91x. If you want to compile it as a
module, say M here and read <file:Documentation/kbuild/modules.rst>.

source code: