DRM support for ILI9486 display panels

modulename: ili9486.ko
configname: CONFIG_TINYDRM_ILI9486

Linux Kernel Configuration
└─> Device Drivers
└─> Graphics support
└─> Direct Rendering Manager (XFree86 4.1.0 and higher DRI support)
└─> SPI support
└─> DRM support for ILI9486 display panels

In linux kernel since version 5.1 (release Date: 2019-05-05)  

DRM driver for the following Ilitek ILI9486 panels:
* PISCREEN 3.5" 320x480 TFT (Ozzmaker 3.5")
* RPILCD 3.5" 320x480 TFT (Waveshare 3.5")

If M is selected the module will be called ili9486.

source code: