Bluecherry / Softlogic 6x10 capture cards (MPEG-4/H.264)

modulename: solo6x10.ko
configname: CONFIG_VIDEO_SOLO6X10

Linux Kernel Configuration
└─> Device Drivers
└─> Multimedia support
└─> Media PCI Adapters
└─> Bluecherry / Softlogic 6x10 capture cards (MPEG-4/H.264)

This driver supports the Bluecherry H.264 and MPEG-4 hardware
compression capture cards and other Softlogic-based ones.

Following cards have been tested:
* Bluecherry BC-H16480A (PCIe, 16 port, H.264)
* Bluecherry BC-H04120A (PCIe, 4 port, H.264)
* Bluecherry BC-H04120A-MPCI (Mini-PCI, 4 port, H.264)
* Bluecherry BC-04120A (PCIe, 4 port, MPEG-4)

source code: