3c590/3c900 series (592/595/597) "Vortex/Boomerang" support

modulename: 3c59x.ko
configname: CONFIG_VORTEX

Linux Kernel Configuration
└─> Device Drivers
└─> Network device support
└─> Ethernet driver support
└─> PCI support
└─> EISA support
└─> 3c590/3c900 series (592/595/597) "Vortex/Boomerang" support

This option enables driver support for a large number of 10Mbps and
10/100Mbps EISA, PCI and Cardbus 3Com network cards:

"Vortex" (Fast EtherLink 3c590/3c592/3c595/3c597) EISA and PCI
"Boomerang" (EtherLink XL 3c900 or 3c905) PCI
"Cyclone" (3c540/3c900/3c905/3c980/3c575/3c656) PCI and Cardbus
"Tornado" (3c905) PCI
"Hurricane" (3c555/3cSOHO) PCI

If you have such a card, say Y here. More specific information is in
and in the comments at the beginning of

To compile this support as a module, choose M here.

source code: