Wan interfaces support

configname: CONFIG_WAN

Linux Kernel Configuration
└─>Device Drivers
└─>Network device support
└─>Wan interfaces support
In linux kernel since version 2.6.12  
Wide Area Networks (WANs), such as X.25, Frame Relay and leased
lines, are used to interconnect Local Area Networks (LANs) over vast
distances with data transfer rates significantly higher than those
achievable with commonly used asynchronous modem connections.

Usually, a quite expensive external device called a `WAN router' is
needed to connect to a WAN. As an alternative, a relatively
inexpensive WAN interface card can allow your Linux box to directly
connect to a WAN.

If you have one of those cards and wish to use it under Linux,
say Y here and also to the WAN driver for your card.

If unsure, say N.

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