SBC-60XX Watchdog Timer

modulename: sbc60xxwdt.ko
configname: CONFIG_60XX_WDT

Linux Kernel Configuration
└─> Device Drivers
└─> Watchdog Timer Support
└─> SBC-60XX Watchdog Timer

This driver can be used with the watchdog timer found on some
single board computers, namely the 6010 PII based computer.
It may well work with other cards. It reads port 0x443 to enable
and re-set the watchdog timer, and reads port 0x45 to disable
the watchdog. If you have a card that behave in similar ways,
you can probably make this driver work with your card as well.

You can compile this driver directly into the kernel, or use
it as a module. The module will be called sbc60xxwdt.

source code: