ACPI PCC Address Space

configname: CONFIG_ACPI_PCC

Linux Kernel Configuration
└─>Power management and ACPI options
└─>ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface) Support
└─>ACPI PCC Address Space
In linux kernel since version 5.2 (release Date: 2019-07-07)  
The PCC Address Space also referred as PCC Operation Region pertains
to the region of PCC subspace that succeeds the PCC signature.

The PCC Operation Region works in conjunction with the PCC Table
(Platform Communications Channel Table). PCC subspaces that are
marked for use as PCC Operation Regions must not be used as PCC
subspaces for the standard ACPI features such as CPPC, RASF, PDTT and
MPST. These standard features must always use the PCC Table instead.

Enable this feature if you want to set up and install the PCC Address
Space handler to handle PCC OpRegion in the firmware.