Analog Devices Digital Potentiometers

modulename: ad525x_dpot.ko
configname: CONFIG_AD525X_DPOT

Linux Kernel Configuration
└─> Device Drivers
└─> Misc devices
└─> Analog Devices Digital Potentiometers

If you say yes here, you get support for the Analog Devices
AD5258, AD5259, AD5251, AD5252, AD5253, AD5254, AD5255
AD5160, AD5161, AD5162, AD5165, AD5200, AD5201, AD5203,
AD5204, AD5206, AD5207, AD5231, AD5232, AD5233, AD5235,
AD5260, AD5262, AD5263, AD5290, AD5291, AD5292, AD5293,
AD7376, AD8400, AD8402, AD8403, ADN2850, AD5241, AD5242,
AD5243, AD5245, AD5246, AD5247, AD5248, AD5280, AD5282,
ADN2860, AD5273, AD5171, AD5170, AD5172, AD5173, AD5270,
AD5271, AD5272, AD5274
digital potentiometer chips.

See Documentation/misc-devices/ad525x_dpot.rst for the
userspace interface.

This driver can also be built as a module. If so, the module
will be called ad525x_dpot.

source code: