CONFIG_ALPHA_EB164 is not available for thedefaultarchitecture x86.
Result is shown for architecture alpha


modulename: sys_cabriolet.ko

configname: CONFIG_ALPHA_EB164

Alpha system type
In linux kernel since version 2.6.12  
EB164 21164 evaluation board from DEC. Uses 21164 and ALCOR. Has
ISA and PCI expansion (3 ISA slots, 2 64-bit PCI slots (one is
shared with an ISA slot) and 2 32-bit PCI slots. Uses plus-in
Bcache SIMMs. I/O sub-system provides SuperI/O (2S, 1P, FD), KBD,
MOUSE (PS2 style), RTC/NVRAM. Boot ROM is Flash. PC-AT-sized
motherboard. Requires power supply with 3.3V output.

source code: