CONFIG_ALPHA_SRM is not available for the default architecture x86.
Result is shown for architecture alpha

Use SRM as bootloader

modulename: srmcons.ko
configname: CONFIG_ALPHA_SRM

Linux Kernel Configuration
└─> System setup
└─> Use SRM as bootloader

There are two different types of booting firmware on Alphas: SRM,
which is command line driven, and ARC, which uses menus and arrow
keys. Details about the Linux/Alpha booting process are contained in
the Linux/Alpha FAQ, accessible on the WWW from

The usual way to load Linux on an Alpha machine is to use MILO
(a bootloader that lets you pass command line parameters to the
kernel just like lilo does for the x86 architecture) which can be
loaded either from ARC or can be installed directly as a permanent
firmware replacement from floppy (which requires changing a certain
jumper on the motherboard). If you want to do either of these, say N
here. If MILO doesn't work on your system (true for Jensen
motherboards), you can bypass it altogether and boot Linux directly
from an SRM console; say Y here in order to do that. Note that you
won't be able to boot from an IDE disk using SRM.

If unsure, say N.

source code: