CONFIG_ALPHA_WTINT is not available for thedefaultarchitecture x86.
Result is shown for architecture alpha



Linux Kernel Configuration
└─>System setup
└─>Use WTINT
In linux kernel since version 3.13 (release Date: 2014-01-19)  
The Wait for Interrupt (WTINT) PALcall attempts to place the CPU
to sleep until the next interrupt. This may reduce the power
consumed, and the heat produced by the computer. However, it has
the side effect of making the cycle counter unreliable as a timing
device across the sleep.

For emulation under QEMU, definitely say Y here, as we have other
mechanisms for measuring time than the cycle counter.

For EV4 (but not LCA), EV5 and EV56 systems, or for systems running
MILO, sleep mode is not supported so you might as well say N here.

For SMP systems we cannot use the cycle counter for timing anyway,
so you might as well say Y here.

If unsure, say N.