Enable PM at boot time


Linux Kernel Configuration
└─> Power management and ACPI options
└─> APM (Advanced Power Management) BIOS support
└─> Enable PM at boot time

Enable APM features at boot time. From page 36 of the APM BIOS
specification: "When disabled, the APM BIOS does not automatically
power manage devices, enter the Standby State, enter the Suspend
State, or take power saving steps in response to CPU Idle calls."
This driver will make CPU Idle calls when Linux is idle (unless this
feature is turned off -- see "Do CPU IDLE calls", below). This
should always save battery power, but more complicated APM features
will be dependent on your BIOS implementation. You may need to turn
this option off if your computer hangs at boot time when using APM
support, or if it beeps continuously instead of suspending. Turn
this off if you have a NEC UltraLite Versa 33/C or a Toshiba
T400CDT. This is off by default since most machines do fine without
this feature.