CONFIG_ARC_CPU_HS is not available for thedefaultarchitecture x86.
Result is shown for architecture arc


configname: CONFIG_ARC_CPU_HS

ARC Core
In linux kernel since version 3.10 (release Date: 2013-06-30)  
Support for ARC HS38x Cores based on ARCv2 ISA
The notable features are:
- SMP configurations of up to 4 cores with coherency
- Optional L2 Cache and IO-Coherency
- Revised Interrupt Architecture (multiple priorites, reg banks,
auto stack switch, auto regfile save/restore)
- MMUv4 (PIPT dcache, Huge Pages)
- Instructions for
* 64bit load/store: LDD, STD
* Hardware assisted divide/remainder: DIV, REM
* Function prologue/epilogue: ENTER_S, LEAVE_S
* IRQ enable/disable: CLRI, SETI
* pop count: FFS, FLS