Enable old ARCNet packet format (RFC 1051)

modulename: rfc1051.ko
configname: CONFIG_ARCNET_1051

Linux Kernel Configuration
└─> Device Drivers
└─> Network device support
└─> ARCnet support
└─> Enable old ARCNet packet format (RFC 1051)

This allows you to use RFC1051 with your ARCnet card via the virtual
arc0s device. You only need arc0s if you want to talk to ARCnet
software complying with the "old" standard, specifically, the DOS packet driver, Amigas running AmiTCP, and some variants
of NetBSD. You do not need to say Y here to communicate with
industry-standard RFC1201 implementations, like the
packet driver or most DOS/Windows ODI drivers. RFC1201 is included
automatically as the arc0 device. Please read the ARCnet
documentation in <file:Documentation/networking/arcnet.txt> for more
information about using arc0e and arc0s.

source code: