CONFIG_ARM64_ERRATUM_1463225 is not available for thedefaultarchitecture x86.
Result is shown for architecture arm64

Cortex-A76: Software Step might prevent interrupt recognition

configname: CONFIG_ARM64_ERRATUM_1463225

Linux Kernel Configuration
└─>Kernel Features
└─>ARM errata workarounds via the alternatives framework
└─>Cortex-A76: Software Step might prevent interrupt recognition
In linux kernel since version 4.2 (release Date: 2015-08-30)  
This option adds a workaround for Arm Cortex-A76 erratum 1463225.

On the affected Cortex-A76 cores (r0p0 to r3p1), software stepping
of a system call instruction (SVC) can prevent recognition of
subsequent interrupts when software stepping is disabled in the
exception handler of the system call and either kernel debugging
is enabled or VHE is in use.

Work around the erratum by triggering a dummy step exception
when handling a system call from a task that is being stepped
in a VHE configuration of the kernel.

If unsure, say Y.