CONFIG_ARM64_ERRATUM_1902691 is not available for the default architecture x86.
Result is shown for architecture arm64

Cortex-A510: 1902691: workaround TRBE trace corruption

configname: CONFIG_ARM64_ERRATUM_1902691

Linux Kernel Configuration
└─> Kernel Features
└─> ARM errata workarounds via the alternatives framework
└─> Cortex-A510: 1902691: workaround TRBE trace corruption

This option adds the workaround for ARM Cortex-A510 erratum 1902691.

Affected Cortex-A510 core might cause trace data corruption, when being written
into the memory. Effectively TRBE is broken and hence cannot be used to capture
trace data.

Work around this problem in the driver by just preventing TRBE initialization on
affected cpus. The firmware must have disabled the access to TRBE for the kernel
on such implementations. This will cover the kernel for any firmware that doesn't
do this already.

If unsure, say Y.