Atheros ath9k pci loader for EEPROM-less chips

modulename: ath9k_pci_owl_loader.ko


Linux Kernel Configuration
└─>Device Drivers
└─>Network device support
└─>Wireless LAN
└─>Atheros ath9k pci loader for EEPROM-less chips
In linux kernel since version 5.1 (release Date: 2019-05-05)  
This separate driver provides a loader in order to support the
AR500X to AR92XX-generation of ath9k PCI(e) WiFi chips, which have
their initialization data (which contains the real PCI Device ID
that ath9k will need) stored together with the calibration data out
of reach for the ath9k chip.

These devices are usually various network appliances, routers or
access Points and such.

If unsure say N.

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