cfg80211 support for NO_IR relaxation

configname: CONFIG_CFG80211_REG_RELAX_NO_IR

Linux Kernel Configuration
└─>Networking support
└─>cfg80211 support for NO_IR relaxation
In linux kernel since version 3.16 (release Date: 2014-08-03)  
This option enables support for relaxation of the NO_IR flag for
situations that certain regulatory bodies have provided clarifications
on how relaxation can occur. This feature has an inherent dependency on
userspace features which must have been properly tested and as such is
not enabled by default.

A relaxation feature example is allowing the operation of a P2P group
owner (GO) on channels marked with NO_IR if there is an additional BSS
interface which associated to an AP which userspace assumes or confirms
to be an authorized master, i.e., with radar detection support and DFS
capabilities. However, note that in order to not create daisy chain
scenarios, this relaxation is not allowed in cases where the BSS client
is associated to P2P GO and in addition the P2P GO instantiated on
a channel due to this relaxation should not allow connection from
non P2P clients.

The regulatory core will apply these relaxations only for drivers that
support this feature by declaring the appropriate channel flags and
capabilities in their registration flow.