Baikal-T1 Clocks Control Unit interface

configname: CONFIG_CLK_BAIKAL_T1

Linux Kernel Configuration
└─>Device Drivers
└─>Common Clock Framework
└─>Device Tree and Open Firmware support
└─>Baikal-T1 Clocks Control Unit interface
In linux kernel since version 5.1 (release Date: 2019-05-05)  
Clocks Control Unit is the core of Baikal-T1 SoC System Controller
responsible for the chip subsystems clocking and resetting. It
consists of multiple global clock domains, which can be reset by
means of the CCU control registers. These domains and devices placed
in them are fed with clocks generated by a hierarchy of PLLs,
configurable and fixed clock dividers. Enable this option to be able
to select Baikal-T1 CCU PLLs and Dividers drivers.