SM4 cipher algorithm (x86_64/AES-NI/AVX)

modulename: sm4-aesni-avx-x86_64.ko

configname: CONFIG_CRYPTO_SM4_AESNI_AVX_X86_64

Linux Kernel Configuration
└─>Cryptographic API
└─>SM4 cipher algorithm (x86_64/AES-NI/AVX)
In linux kernel since version 4.14.326 (release Date: 2023-09-23)  
SM4 cipher algorithms (OSCCA GB/T 32907-2016) (x86_64/AES-NI/AVX).

SM4 (GBT.32907-2016) is a cryptographic standard issued by the
Organization of State Commercial Administration of China (OSCCA)
as an authorized cryptographic algorithms for the use within China.

This is SM4 optimized implementation using AES-NI/AVX/x86_64
instruction set for block cipher. Through two affine transforms,
we can use the AES S-Box to simulate the SM4 S-Box to achieve the
effect of instruction acceleration.

If unsure, say N.

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