Debug page memory allocations

modulename: debug_page_alloc.ko


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In linux kernel since version 2.6.12  
Unmap pages from the kernel linear mapping after free_pages().
Depending on runtime enablement, this results in a small or large
slowdown, but helps to find certain types of memory corruption.

Also, the state of page tracking structures is checked more often as
pages are being allocated and freed, as unexpected state changes
often happen for same reasons as memory corruption (e.g. double free,
use-after-free). The error reports for these checks can be augmented
with stack traces of last allocation and freeing of the page, when
PAGE_OWNER is also selected and enabled on boot.

For architectures which don't enable ARCH_SUPPORTS_DEBUG_PAGEALLOC,
fill the pages with poison patterns after free_pages() and verify
the patterns before alloc_pages(). Additionally, this option cannot
be enabled in combination with hibernation as that would result in
incorrect warnings of memory corruption after a resume because free
pages are not saved to the suspend image.

By default this option will have a small overhead, e.g. by not
allowing the kernel mapping to be backed by large pages on some
architectures. Even bigger overhead comes when the debugging is
enabled by DEBUG_PAGEALLOC_ENABLE_DEFAULT or the debug_pagealloc
command line parameter.

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