STMicroelectronics C8SECTPFE DVB support

modulename: c8sectpfe.ko


Linux Kernel Configuration
└─>Device Drivers
└─>Multimedia support
└─>DVB platform devices
└─>Pin controllers
└─>STMicroelectronics C8SECTPFE DVB support
In linux kernel since version 3.10 (release Date: 2013-06-30)  
This adds support for DVB front-end cards connected
to TS inputs of STiH407/410 SoC.

The driver currently supports C8SECTPFE's TS input block,
memdma engine, and HW PID filtering.

Supported DVB front-end cards are:
- STMicroelectronics DVB-T B2100A (STV0367 + TDA18212)
- STMicroelectronics DVB-S/S2 STV0903 + STV6110 + LNBP24 board

To compile this driver as a module, choose M here: the
module will be called c8sectpfe.

source code: