CONFIG_EXACT_HWERR is not available for thedefaultarchitecture x86.
Result is shown for architecture blackfin
default or selected kernelversion does not have config value CONFIG_EXACT_HWERR.
Result is shown for kernelversion 6.7-rc3

Try to make Hardware errors exact


Linux Kernel Configuration
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└─>Try to make Hardware errors exact
In linux kernel since version 2.6.31 (release Date: 2009-09-09)  
By default, the Blackfin hardware errors are not exact - the error
be reported multiple cycles after the error happens. This delay
can cause the wrong application, or even the kernel to receive a
signal to be killed. If you are getting HW errors in your system,
try turning this on to ensure they are at least coming from the
proper thread.

On production systems, it is safe (and a small optimization) to say N.