Integrity Measurement Architecture(IMA)

modulename: ima.ko

configname: CONFIG_IMA

Linux Kernel Configuration
└─>Security options
└─>Integrity Measurement Architecture(IMA)
In linux kernel since version 2.6.30 (release Date: 2009-06-09)  
The Trusted Computing Group(TCG) runtime Integrity
Measurement Architecture(IMA) maintains a list of hash
values of executables and other sensitive system files,
as they are read or executed. If an attacker manages
to change the contents of an important system file
being measured, we can tell.

If your system has a TPM chip, then IMA also maintains
an aggregate integrity value over this list inside the
TPM hardware, so that the TPM can prove to a third party
whether or not critical system files have been modified.
Read <>
to learn more about IMA.
If unsure, say N.

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