Intel Wireless WiFi 4965AGN (iwl4965)

modulename: iwl4965.ko
configname: CONFIG_IWL4965

Linux Kernel Configuration
└─> Device Drivers
└─> Network device support
└─> Wireless LAN
└─> Intel Wireless WiFi 4965AGN (iwl4965)

In linux kernel since version 2.6.24 (release Date: 2008-01-24)  

This option enables support for

Select to build the driver supporting the:

Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN

This driver uses the kernel's mac80211 subsystem.

In order to use this driver, you will need a microcode (uCode)
image for it. You can obtain the microcode from:


The microcode is typically installed in /lib/firmware. You can
look in the hotplug script /etc/hotplug/firmware.agent to
determine which directory FIRMWARE_DIR is set to when the script

If you want to compile the driver as a module ( = code which can be
inserted in and removed from the running kernel whenever you want),
say M here and read <file:Documentation/kbuild/modules.txt>. The
module will be called iwl4965.

source code: