Maxim 77693/77843 regulator

modulename: max77693-regulator.ko

configname: CONFIG_REGULATOR_MAX77693

Linux Kernel Configuration
└─>Device Drivers
└─>Voltage and Current Regulator Support
└─>Maxim 77693/77843 regulator
In linux kernel since version 3.10 (release Date: 2013-06-30)  
This driver controls a Maxim 77693/77843 regulators via I2C bus.
The regulators include two LDOs, 'SAFEOUT1', 'SAFEOUT2'
and one current regulator 'CHARGER'. This is suitable for
Exynos-4x12 (MAX77693) or Exynos5433 (MAX77843) SoC chips.

source code: