ROHM BU27008 color (RGB+C/IR) sensor

modulename: rohm-bu27008.ko

configname: CONFIG_ROHM_BU27008

Linux Kernel Configuration
└─>Device Drivers
└─>Industrial I/O support
└─>Light sensors
└─>ROHM BU27008 color (RGB+C/IR) sensor
In linux kernel since version 6.5 (release Date: 2023-08-27)  
Enable support for the ROHM BU27008 color sensor.
The ROHM BU27008 is a sensor with 5 photodiodes (red, green,
blue, clear and IR) with four configurable channels. Red and
green being always available and two out of the rest three
(blue, clear, IR) can be selected to be simultaneously measured.
Typical application is adjusting LCD backlight of TVs,
mobile phones and tablet PCs.

source code: