default or selected kernelversion does not have config value CONFIG_VIDEO_CPIA_USB.
Result is shown for kernelversion 5.4.69

CPiA USB Lowlevel Support

modulename: cpia_usb.ko


Linux Kernel Configuration
└─>Device Drivers
└─>Staging drivers
└─>CPiA USB Lowlevel Support
In linux kernel since version 2.6.20 (release Date: 2007-02-04)  
This is the lowlevel USB support for cameras based on Vision's CPiA
(Colour Processor Interface ASIC), such as the Creative Webcam II.
If you have the USB version of one of these cameras, say Y here,
otherwise say N. This will not work with the Creative Webcam III.
It is also available as a module (cpia_usb).

source code: