selftest for AMD Processor P-State driver

modulename: amd-pstate-ut.ko

configname: CONFIG_X86_AMD_PSTATE_UT

Linux Kernel Configuration
└─>Power management and ACPI options
└─>CPU Frequency scaling
└─>selftest for AMD Processor P-State driver
In linux kernel since version 6.1 (release Date: 2022-12-11)  
This kernel module is used for testing. It's safe to say M here.

It can also be built-in without X86_AMD_PSTATE enabled.
Currently, only tests for amd-pstate are supported. If X86_AMD_PSTATE
is set disabled, it can tell the users test can only run on amd-pstate
driver, please set X86_AMD_PSTATE enabled.
In the future, comparison tests will be added. It can set amd-pstate
disabled and set acpi-cpufreq enabled to run test cases, then compare
the test results.

source code: