X86 Android tablet support

modulename: intel_crystal_cove_charger.ko




Linux Kernel Configuration
└─>Device Drivers
└─>X86 Platform Specific Device Drivers
└─>SPI support
└─>Serial device bus
└─>GPIO Support
└─>X86 Android tablet support
In linux kernel since version 5.2 (release Date: 2019-07-07)  
X86 tablets which ship with Android as (part of) the factory image
typically have various problems with their DSDTs. The factory kernels
shipped on these devices typically have device addresses and GPIOs
hardcoded in the kernel, rather than specified in their DSDT.

With the DSDT containing a random collection of devices which may or
may not actually be present. This driver contains various fixes for
such tablets, including instantiating kernel devices for devices which
are missing from the DSDT.

If you have a x86 Android tablet say Y or M here, for a generic x86
distro config say M here.

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