Support for extended (non-PC) x86 platforms


Linux Kernel Configuration
└─>Processor type and features
└─>Support for extended (non-PC) x86 platforms
In linux kernel since version 2.6.30 (release Date: 2009-06-09)  
If you disable this option then the kernel will only support
standard PC platforms. (which covers the vast majority of
systems out there.)

If you enable this option then you'll be able to select support
for the following (non-PC) 32 bit x86 platforms:
Goldfish (Android emulator)
AMD Elan
RDC R-321x SoC
SGI 320/540 (Visual Workstation)
STA2X11-based (e.g. Northville)
Moorestown MID devices

If you have one of these systems, or if you want to build a
generic distribution kernel, say Y here - otherwise say N.