default or selected kernelversion does not have config value CONFIG_X86_PPRO_FENCE.
Result is shown for kernelversion 6.7-rc3

PentiumPro memory ordering errata workaround

configname: CONFIG_X86_PPRO_FENCE

Linux Kernel Configuration
└─>PentiumPro memory ordering errata workaround
In linux kernel since version 2.6.12  
Old PentiumPro multiprocessor systems had errata that could cause
memory operations to violate the x86 ordering standard in rare cases.
Enabling this option will attempt to work around some (but not all)
occurrences of this problem, at the cost of much heavier spinlock and
memory barrier operations.

If unsure, say n here. Even distro kernels should think twice before
enabling this: there are few systems, and an unlikely bug.